Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Introduction to Printed Circuit ( PCB )

What is PCB

- eletronic board that connect components such as resistors, integrated circuits and connectors.
- A circuit board in which the interconnecting wires been replaced by conductive traces

Advantage of printed circuit board

- Less Error
- Quicker Assembly time
- Greater circuit desity
-  Easy to troubleshoot

*less skills required
*use of automatic assembly equipment

Component of PCB

The base

The Conductors

Type of PCB

    • Single-side PCB

    • Double-side PCB

    • Multilayer PCB

    Single-side PCB 

    • Has circuit traces and path etched on only one side
    • components are placed on the other nontrace side
    • wheere the 1st to be develop

    Double-side PCB

    • PTH
    • NON PTH

    Multilayer PCB

    • Complex and expenside
    • More than two printed layer 
    • have three or more circuit layer
    Classification of PCB

    • Consumer PCB (biasa seperti single layer)
    - radio ,tv , cheap test
    - use less expensive base material
    • Profesional board 
    - Made better quality  material
    - use chip
    • Higer reliability boards
    - use strategic application
    - best chip

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